Aman means no-mind in Sanskrit language.

"Man" word is used for mind in Sanskrit since time immemorial. According to Sanskrit language structure, when we prefix "a" in front of many words, it gives opposite meaning. For example, chetan (conscious) and achetan (unconscious), pavitr (pious) and apvitr (impious).

Although Aman word is commonly used in Arabic also with meanings as 'peace', 'trust' etc but Aman word is used here with meaning of no mind according to its ancient meaning in Sanskrit language. Because the real purpose of meditation in ancient time has been actually to go beyond where mind (thought process and other fluctuations of mind) does not exist at all. This stage is known as Sat- Chit- Anand (absolute existence-absolute consciousness-absolute bliss).

Normally we believe that mind (our thoughts and intelligence) help us to progress. Progress and peace can be two different things. For example, now we have lot of research work and advancement on the planet but humans are still feeling empty. We know man and woman brain more than ever but there are more relationship issues now.

Therefore, peace will come to the planet when humanity is introduced to the another dimension of the mind in organized way, where Aman meditation plays its part.

As many types of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Karma Yoga (selfless action), Gyan Yoga (wisdom), Hatha Yoga (sun and moon energy balance), Japa Yoga (chanting Mantra) etc were needed and recommended for different types of people with different life lifestyle to be awakened in ancient time, similarly different types of meditation techniques were also recommended for different people with different life style in ancient time by masters. Aman Meditation accepts the ancient authentic path and recommends different meditation technique for different humans, for faster results.

Aman meditation is part of the YOGAJYOTI partnership & training curriculum.

Aman Meditation transforms someone's life in few days.

Learn it, practice it, repeat it & start teaching in your communities.